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Total Clan Stats:
   Members: 9
   Workers: 3
   Gold: 8,149,012
   Score: 17,745
Clan Motto: We are AWARE, we shall fight, and we shall win!

The story of this clan is simple: AWARE as in Cancer Awareness.

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. She had a hell of a first year winding up having a double Mastectomy, two rounds of Chemotherapy, (and a bad staph infection to boot). Then finally after all that a full round of Radiation. After the better part of a year out of state she finally got to ring that victory bell and come home. In Late 2015 we found out the cancer had came back and had spread to the bone and it was a slow steady downhill run from there. She battled long and hard but sadly once in the bone is was incurable and on June 27th, 2016 she passed away.

Living with a disease like this gives you an entirely different perspective on life that I think everyone should experience in some way, (though I do hope none of you are forced to experience it the way I did). It really wakes you up to how small and petty the things we complain about in this world really are and I live my life allot differently now. During the last few days of her life I had to see things that will haunt me till the day I die, (things no loved one should ever have to witness first hand). It was cold and cruel and I am forever scarred, but I will carry on for her, and for my children.

Take care of and be close with your loved ones because you never know when a tragedy will strike. And trust me when I say this, YOU ARE NEVER PREPARED!


My wife's maiden name is Anderson which is Scottish. Their motto is perfectly fitting and I shout it proudly.


..."While I breath I hope."

We must all be aware if we are to beat this terrible disease. Aware of ourselves, aware of each other. Our friends, neighbors and relatives all need to be aware as well. I urge all of you, get informed, pay attention to the signs, and get checked. Never feel silly about talking to your doctor about your health, no question is stupid and being mistaken about a bump or something unusual is GOOD NEWS. If you don't do it for yourself, then do it for someone you love. Educate yourself in some small way, something, anything, could save your life or the life of a loved one.

Go here: http://www.cancer.org/

Learn something you didn't know, any education is a good start.

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The Pub13,0954,816,530520AWARE0%


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