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The Post Rating System

The Post Rating System was developed to track and rate members posts in the Celtic Radio Community Forums. Think of it like a credit rating system which monitors the integrity of your posts (the messages you create in the forum). If a member does not take the time to create posts that are meaningful and add content to the forums, then eventually that member's post rating begins to decline.

Every night our systems will evaluate all posts made for the day and aggregate the total posts for the previous 60 days. A target goal (as determined by Celtic Radio) is used as a threshold value which if the member meets or exceeds results in a 100% perfect post rating. This threshold value evaluates if the post is meaningful and adds value to the community forum. Values below the threshold value will be assigned a percentage of the target post goal. Celtic Radio may adjust the threshold value at any time in order to help foster discussions and conversations in our community forums.

Post Rating System:

80% - 99%:
60% - 79%:
40% - 59%:
0% - 39%:
Perfect, You're a Scribe!
Great, An asset to our community.
Good, A valued contributor.
Average, Simple posts.
Warning, Posts to short!

Celtic Radio will be using a members post rating in our popular Post the Most contests as a way to reward members who spend more time thoughtfully creating their messages. Future winners will be those members that have the highest post rating and the most posts.

Medieval Kingdom:

The post rating will additionally be used for the distribution of resources (Gold, Food and Wood) for our online community forum game Medieval Kingdom. Those with a 100% post rating will receive their hourly allotment of resources and those with less than 100% will receive a percentage of their allotment based on their post rating.

If you should have any questions or feedback on our post rating system, please let us know. We are always open to suggestions and comments.


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