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News Archives

You have found the archives of "The Scribe" - Medieval Kingdom's only full time newspaper publication. Here you can see the last 50 news reports from the medieval lands. Scribe reporters are based in the district of the High King's county and will be reporting on the latest news and information from Medieval Kingdom. Important news alerts will be sent out on decrees and orders from the High King, decisions and policies made by the Royal Court and on breaking stories from other Kingdoms across these Medieval Lands. News from the Scribe will be limited as rumors of unrest across these lands could result in disruption of our news service from time to time.

01-Oct-2023 02:40pm
Here ye, Here ye - in celebration of the Autumn harvest, as well as being the month of October, we are pleased to announce a game reset. We have also resumed work on the game as of this month so look for updates coming to your mailbox soon. Sign up now!

30-Jul-2017 01:12pm
We have only today and tomorrow for the Medieval Kingdom Tournament. Winners will be announced on August 1st. Due to time zones, we shall choose the time at 6:00 PM on August 1st to determine the Amazon Gift cards. May the best Kingdom win!

25-Feb-2017 04:32pm
Medieval Radio is back online. Visit Medieval Kingdom and listen to our own Medieval Radio featuring high quality period recordings. Perfect companion music for game play.

18-Feb-2017 12:39pm
We are pleased to offer a new Tournament with cash prizes in the form of Amazon Gift cards. All of the details can be found on our Celtic Radio site. Whoever is the King or Queen of Medieval Kingdom on August 1, 2017 will win a $25 Amazon Gift certificate. The runner up will receive a $15 Amazon Gift certificate and third place will win a $10 Amazon Gift certificate. Top 3 Players receive Amazon Gift Cards #1 - $25 Gift Card #2 - $15 Gift Card #3 - $10 Gift Card Tournament Details can be found on our Celtic Radio News feed on our main page at CelticRadio.net. The Tournament will begin later today when we reset the game data!

06-Nov-2016 01:07pm
We have performed a game reset today of the Medieval Kingdom resources. Start building your village, army and gathering resources. Now is a good time to start playing the game as all members are at the same level at this point. Note we have added facebook registration and login so it is very easy for new members to signup or to update your account for easier login. Come in to the discussion form in-game to discuss the game and report any bugs or suggestions for the game.

18-Apr-2015 11:29am
Hello friends of the roundtable.... I know our ranks have faltered over this long winter, but I bring good news that the Medieval Kingdom thaw is about to begin. Our royal programmer and designer will soon begin the long awaited resumption of Medieval Kingdom - fixing bugs and adding enhancements to the game. There is a lot of work to be done on the base game first. To that end we might hold a cash prize to lure people back in, so we can test the system. I know this is the long forgotten part of Celtic Radio, but we hope over the next few years to make it a center piece and eventually port the web-based game to a mobile app. With that we are probably going to be doing a game reset, so my apologies if that upsets anyone, but it is probably the best way to test out some of the changes we are going to implement. Looking forward to the new Medieval Kingdom and thanks for your help and support as we make this a truly comprehensive and engaging game.

15-Sep-2013 10:36pm
Greetings to all Medieval Kingdom Lords and Ladies, The Medieval Kingdom Tournament is in full swing. We now have 50 Kingdoms that are signed up and playing. Keep your eyes on the prize of King or Queen of all of Celtic Radio which will be displayed on our main page. You have until October 7th, 2013 to rise in the ranks and defeat your enemies. Be sure to raise your army early to protect against more aggressive players. Tonight we have distributed 25 new workers to your Kingdom to help with your tasks. Good luck!

31-Jul-2012 11:44pm
We are resetting Medieval Kindom tonight. All scores and resources will return to zero and you can build again. This is a great time for new players to come in and try and become the King or Queen or all of Celtic Radio. November 1st will be our next prize for the top player. See you in the game!

08-Dec-2011 12:31am
Greetings from the Royal Halls of Camolot! We are announcing a new way to earn soldier's for your Medieval Kingdom! Medieval Trivia is coming soon. Our first contest will feature 10 Knights up for grabs! Coming soon...watch for further news... Be sure to become a member of the Facebook Medieval Kingdom Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/106648049408762/?ref=ts

25-Sep-2011 01:48pm
Greetings Loyal Subjects, Contrary to the message we posted recently, we will not be doing another Game Reset this weekend. What we will be doing is running our first Medieval Kingdom Contest. The King or Queen of Medieval Kingdom at 12:00 Midnight on Halloween October 31st (EST) will win a brand new copy of Albannach's Bareknuckle Pipes & Drums. So start building that Kingdom and conquering your neighborhoods and you might just be the proud owner of Albannach's new CD!

18-Feb-2011 09:18pm
My royal subjects, I am glad to inform you that Medieval Kingdom has fixed most of the issues experienced over the past week. Resources are now being allocated as expected which will make our friendly tax collector very happy. In addition, we should expect you to see a slight improvement in the speed of our Kingdom. Carry on now....

07-Feb-2011 10:13pm
Greetings from Camelot. All game data has been reset as promised. The playing field is now level. Let the Games begin!

02-Oct-2010 10:49pm
My apologies on my long absence, I have been on crusades in the holy lands and have just returned to Camelot! Merlin tells me that he has moved Medieval Kingdom and its database to a new more powerful server and that you should notice better response times. Please let me know if you have any issues at all. This is in preparation for our resuming work on the game in 2011! Until then, take care my friends!

25-Oct-2009 07:15pm
From the Court of Camelot comes news that all organized Countries have been granted increased resources. Countries that elect a King or Queen will receive 5% additional resources every hour and those that elect a Governor of Income, Diplomacy and Communication will receive an additional 5% of resources for a total of 10%. Kings and Queens receive a 20% increase in resources and the Governer of Income receives a 25% increase in resources. His Majesty urges all Countries to take advantage of these additional resources to help build their Kingdoms.

17-Oct-2009 01:47pm
Greetings from the noble court of Camelot. His Royal Majesty has authorized a new position in the Kingdom. The Tax Collector will be paying weekly visits to all Kingdoms on Mondays to assess properties and lands. A tax will be imposed and payable immediately. All Kingdom Lords and Ladies will receive a weekly itemized statement from the Tax Collector. As your wealth grows, you can expect the Tax Collector to adjust the tax rate. The current base tax rate is 5% on an annualized basis. By your steadfast commitment to this court and King we continue to provide for the poor, destitute and launch military campaigns in protection of these Medieval Kingdoms. The Saxon threat looms great and in times like these it is important to fund the Kings treasury at an adequate level. Please remember that sanctions for seizure of property as payment can be made for outstanding taxes due.

21-Jul-2009 12:12am
A message from King Arthur: Greetings loyal subjects of Medieval Kingdom. I have been away tending to my lands and affairs in France these past 8 months. Tonight, I have returned to Camelot and have once again reinstated the Kings High Court. In celebration of my return we shall have a great feast. All Kingdoms will receive 25,000 Gold as a token of my appreciation for keeping the lands of Medieval Kingdom safe from the Saxon hords. Once I have settled back into my quarters, I shall issue more news of my latest orders and changes to these holy and blessed lands.

13-Sep-2008 11:24am
From the Scribe: Greetings to all of Medieval Kingdom subjects. The High King of these lands has commissioned a study by the Royal Court which has resulted in a change to this realm. One month of Medieval Kingdom time is now equal to one hour of Earth time. The Royal Court is is debating other issues of this realm and the Scribe will keep you informed of any further changes.

13-Sep-2008 11:20am
We are pleased to report that a newspaper has set up shop in the High King's local district and will be reporting on the latest news from Medieval Kingdom. "The Scribe" will report on the decrees and orders from the High King, the Royal Court and from various Kingdoms across these Medieval Lands. Expect news from the Scribe as supplies of ink and paper allow. Rumors of unrest across these lands could result in disruption of our news service from time to time.


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