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About Medieval Kingdom

Medieval KingdomTM is a turn based game that allows you to create and build a kingdom of castles, buildings and villagers. This retro game focuses on resources such as Gold, Food and Wood which are allocated every hour to all participating Celtic Radio members. A Celtic Radio member account is required to play. Registration is free.

Time passes by fast in Medieval Kingdom as every one hour of the day equates to one month, so from the time you sign-up to the game you can quickly amass sufficient resources to start researching and constructing buildings. Kingdom defenses (and offenses!) can be raised in the form of your Kingdom's army. Market, Politics and Missions all have a role in your successful ascent to the Royal Crown - King or Queen of all of Celtic Radio!

Resources in Medieval Kingdom can be earned by a number of ways, such as constructing Gold Mines, Lumbar Mills and in stealing from your fellow opponents. Every hour a predetermined amount of resources are automatically provided to all particpating members. The amount of resources that you receive are directly effected by your post rating. Only those that have a 100% post rating will receive 100% of the available resources. Those with less than 100% post rating will receive that percentage of allocated resources.

The Gold you acquire in Medieval Kingdom is your most valuable assest. Protect it at all costs because you can use gold to obtain real life prizes such as CDs, Books, Tshirts and more. We will be holding special Medieval Kingdom Auctions where you can bid and outbid your opponents with the Gold you earn during the game.

Other features of the game include a special "Medieval Radio" player, the ability to select a real life historical castle as your own keep and a clan system for creating partnerships with other friendly Kingdoms.

And finally, Medieval Kingdom is a community based game. We designed this game not to compete with the latest 3D techology, but to be more of a retro game from years past. The object is not to spend hour after hour playing the game, but to spend a few minutes each day building your Kingdom and also chatting with the other good folks on Celtic Radio. A special forum is contained in the game itself and a mail system has been developed to allow direct communications between members.

We hope you will enjoy our Medieval Kingdom and good luck in your ascent to the throne!


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